Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who am I?

"Cherish forever what makes you unique, because you're really just a yawn if it goes." - Bette Midler

Pretty much -- I'm just a girl. I feel grown up at times...a little too grown up...and at other times I feel so childish and foolish it's not even funny. I love people too easily which I can't decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I like rainbows...I like sunsets...I'm sure I would like the sunrise if it wasn't so damn early. I love to be held - nothing better than cuddling with someone you love.  I feel like my life is stretched between work life and the life I feel my persona fits. I want to be unique, but find that I am just like everyone else. I'm very smart and way cool. Seriously.

More? Ok. Well, I love music and I am not one of those types who sticks to one genre. In the same day you can find me listening to angry goth/techno-esque music and then later on hear some music from my favorite musicals. It's very --well, bipolar of me. I know this. Sorry. You'll like me anyways :P

15 interesting facts about myself:

1. I grew up in a town of around 200 people in Kansas.
2. One of my many favorite movies is Almost Famous (see one of the many favorite scenes from this movie below)

3. I went to Peru for a month back in 2007 - one of my favorite life experiences ever and I definitely want to do something like that again.

4. I used to have a tongue ring and I really miss it. I took it out for interviews my senior year at college and it closed up too fast for me to put it back in :( 

5. I once had 17 stitches from a food fight at church.

6. I love needles but I don't have any tattoos as I am afraid I would regret whatever I got.  So instead I give blood regularly.

7. My favorite musical of all time is Rent and I got to see it when they were doing their tour out here in Phoenix and it was AMAZING. Wish I could have seen the original cast on Broadway - that would have been amazing as well.

8. If I love someone - I like telling them any chance I can get and I genuinely mean it every time. I know people worry that "love" is a word that gets tossed around - but if I tell you that I love means that I do.

9. On my 21st birthday after being out at the bars, my friends decided it was a good idea to take me to an adult bookstore since I had never been in one. I had to buy something since it was my first time so I bought a dirty magazine. When we went to the next bar I realized I had forgotten my license at the adult bookstore and I had to walk in where they all announced "'s the birthday girl" and then all the gross weird people in the store turned and clapped for me. 

10. I have a goal to get completely out of debt (aka...Dave Ramsey's Plan) but I think it is going to take me a couple of years. I should be paying off my car by August of this year though! woo hoo

11. One day I would love to own a coffee shop - but I don't know if I'd be a very good business owner.

12. I wish gas prices were still low because one of my favorite things is to just get in the car and drive around.  I get so much "think time" in and it is interesting the places you find yourself.

13. I am a camp director one week out of the summer for a church camp 7th - 12th grade -- when did I get so brave? Those kids are NUTS!

14.  I don't think there is any better sport to watch than men's beach volleyball. yummy.

15. My favorite pizza topping is mushrooms....I LOVE MUSHROOMS!


Ryan said...

Listen here turtle, they're just college kids - losses happen. Thanks for the ball breaking though, made me chuckle. And way to correct your statement into the form of a sympathy note!

CBC said...

I really appreciate your honest representation of yourself, being real is a difficult thing for a lot of people!

I wish gas was cheap too! It's just not as fun to drive when it costs so much. And I'm not sure what church you go to, but do injuries happen often?

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