Thursday, January 13, 2011

I don't know...

Today I am supposed to tell you about my "first love". I know who it is - but not quite sure what to write about it or him.

It was high school of course and I already knew I was going to be going away to college so it probably wouldn't work out. I remember driving home from his house one night coming up with the ultimate plan that would allow us to stay together. He was older than me and didn't go to college - he entered the work force right out of high school. He worked for a company where he could transfer up to a town close to my college town. I didn't know if I should ask him if he'd consider it. I was head over heels in love with him. However, I was young and not as mature as I claimed to be and one day I was hanging out with a friend from church and the guy ended up kissing me and I didn't stop it. I was to say the least very confused about the whole situation but decided that I loved "first love" enough to not say anything and to stop hanging out with the other guy friend. I then went about my life living happily ever after with my first love. Come to find out they had a mutual friend (small town) and she found out about me and "other guy" kissing and told "first love" who had been cheated on before and was not going to put up with that crap. He wouldn't even look at me after that. I remember once I sat in his pick up and PLEADED that he give me another chance and that I loved him more than anything and the other guy incident was an accident that would never happen again.

Of course looking back it obviously was petty and "first love" obviously wasn't my "true love" as you always believe at the time. He is still living in the same house (which was his parents house back when we were dating...not sure if his dad still lives there or not) and he has married another girl from the area. According to my facebook stalking - he seems content. I am content too - knowing that he was my first love but not my true love and that he will always hold a special place in my heart because I always wanted amazingness for him. But I do now know that I doubt there'd be any way we would have stayed together.

I could even venture to say that my current love is my "first TRUE love". He is amazing and loves me for the crazy person we both know I am. He takes care of me and Jasper and I have no doubt in my mind that we could live together forever in this love that we have. I am excited about the future with him and this is nothing like the childish feeling I had with my "first love" - this is definitely my "first true love" and it is beautiful.

That's all. Said more than I thought I would...hopefully it made sense. Quick change the subject now!

Love all of my readers. Just to give some shout outs to a couple of my "blog loves":

Ryan: Duke fan, but I forgive him because he is a pretty awesome guy. I hope to visit him and the wife sometime soon in New York!

Little Silk Dress: Does not like the idea of having a recliner in a motel room. I still think she needs to sit in it for a picture op for her blog!

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LittleSilkDress said...

:D And I still say I will talk Husband into sitting in it for a photo op. It's actually the Super 8 in L-town boasting that recliner in the room I reserved. Oy.

As for first loves...yeah. I thought my first boyfriend was my first love until Husband and I started dating. Now I know he is my first and only love. Cheesiness.