Monday, January 24, 2011

And the award for HOTTNESS goes to....

YES. The day I know we have all been waiting for. "Day 14" - The unveiling of the guys I find most attractive (who just so happen to be famous).  This was very hard for me. This morning I realized that was what today's blog theme was and I couldn't concentrate on my work.  All I could think of was "why the heck don't I already KNOW the top 5 celebs on my I not a normal human being???" And I just regressed into a pit of depression from there. But alas, I know now who it will be (for now) until I change my mind in 5 minutes after I post this. *sigh*

NUMBER ONE: John adorable! I must have this thing for cute, scrawny white guys with messy hair. YUMMY!

NUMBER TWO:  Oh my gosh, I just about passed out. Well hello there Mr. Orlando Bloom. May I just sit and stare at your gorgeous smile for the evening? Yes please.

NUMBER THREE:  Brad Paisley. This guy is the most adorable ....ah I can't even finish. Just thinking about him makes me go a little flush.  I love the way he puts himself into the music when he plays and the way he smirks. Definitely the best entertainer I have ever seen live...and that adds on to his hottness.

NUMBER FOUR: Patrick Dempsey.  I can't get over his eyes and facial expressions. I still get goosebumps when watching Grey's on Thursday nights...sometimes I will just put it on from the DVD's I have of the seasons just to see him smile :-) He wins my hottness award.

NUMBER FIVE:  Ryan Sutter.  I must admit that I was heartbroken when Tristan picked you Ryan. I thought for sure she would pick the other guy and I could move to Colorado and make you the happiest man alive...but alas - she picked you and you have a beautiful life with amazingly gorgeous kids. I still pick you in my top 5. I could hardly find pictures on the web of you by yourself though...grrr.

Okie dokie...not you all are aware that I am a bit "boy crazy" but who can help it.  Who are YOUR top 5 celebrities?

And I just have to say one more thing...even with all of these hott guy celebs floating number one man is Jasper! He won the cutest dog competition once and that makes him celebrity enough for me!!


bruce said...

yeah, for the guys! ims a gonna go with the jasper!

tucker is too...

my fave hottie chicks
jen aniston
gwyneth paltrow
isla fisher

Bruce Johnson JADIP
Evil Twin
stupid stuff I see and hear
The Dreamodeling Guy
The Guy Book
The Guy Book

Ryan said...

the list is good - ryan sutter? is he a bachelor? orlando bloom i always confuse with a different guy, not sure who. you must love the office, no?

you gotta focus on work and de-focus for blogging - it's a fine line to walk

Shelby said...

@Ryan - I am horrible at focusing and de-focusing. It gets a bit messy. I'll just have to practice. At least until after tax day...then I can just de-focus all I want until next year ;)

Ryan is from the Bachelor - he is no longer a bachelor though. He married Tristan who chose him when he was on The Bachelorette and they have beautiful kids and live in Colorado (he's a firefighter).

Shelby said...

@ Bruce - Thanks...Jasper thinks Tucker is awesome as well.

ZP said...

Excellent choices here. I also enjoy hot guys, so I feel like we're already connecting even though we just met over at Average Girl's party. I mean we have soooo much in common. I think we could be besties.

ladydayton said...

I noticed a pattern, all skinny white boys with dark hair. hmmm. ;) And while they are all great choices not one of them make it on to my list. Hehe.
1) Johnny Depp
2)Derek Jeter
3)Jensen Ackles
4) Gerard Butler
and 5, do I really have to narrow it down to 5?!?!? ok, ok...
5)Josh Hartnett.

Krystle said...

Omg I was a huge Ryan Sutter Fan tooo!

Shelby said...

@Ladydayton: I had others that weren't skinny white guys with dark hair. Here I'll give you some others that alternate in and out of the Top 5 as well...

Patrick Swayze and Heath Ledger (who didn't make the list because it made me sad to have dead guys on the list)

Jesse L Martin (this guy is gorgeous AND can sing!)
Jude Law (woo hoo...)
Taye Diggs (mmm mmm)
Eric Dane

Now women: Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Amber Stevens, Blake Lively, Anna Paquin? - kinda lol

Ok - I'm gonna stop now.

@Krystle - I'll fight you for him if he is ever available again. However, I hope he is never available again. They seem so happy together.

ladydayton said...

Second list is just as great! Narrowing it down to 5 was hard! And yes, having Heath and Patrick on the list seems sad and it should be a happy list. ;)