Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pictures of things that make me happy :)

Today is Day 5 of the 30 straight days of randomocity and it is a fun day! I get to post pictures of things that make me happy! ENJOY :)

Now - this list is obviously not representative of EVERYTHING that makes me happy...but it is a good start.

Men's Beach Volleyball - enough said.

Getting a fresh pedicure.

Eating a double double and fries from In N Out (I don't always feel happy afterwards - but definitely DURING!)

Seeing Brad Paisley live in concert - or just hearing him in general...usually equals happy me.

Jasper as a baby - I miss those days...he was soooo small!
Adult Jasper - I love him soooo much because there isn't a day that goes by where he doesn't make me smile!

Oh yes...Yuengling. Why I can't get it in Arizona I don't know - but it is very upsetting.
My first TRUE love :-) 


bruce said...

yummy-gling beer is awesome...

but AZ is dry heat...

seems so unfair...

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Ryan said...

Manhattan's teams are Jaspers. And your Jasper has had color reversal since he was a pup

Shelby said...

Ryan- I know. If it wasn't for his personality I would have thought someone switched my pup out for another one. He just all of the sudden started turning white!?! It's ok. I still love him.