Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pet Peeve Tuesday

Today's pet peeve may relate to some of you more than others. (I believe more women will "feel me" than men anyway.)

I absolutely HATE cold toilet seats.  It's been one of my pet peeves for a while now. When will they come out with toilet seats that never get cold.  I have literally held it in because I knew the toilet seat was cold.

So that's that.

What is your pet peeve this week?


LittleSilkDress said...

LOL This morning mine was FREEZING! That is one heck of a wake up!

Ryan said...

at a hotel (recently) i used the hair dryer to warm it up (for my wife) - that is all - and let me know when you're out here in NY

bruce said...

found you from Ryan at Wax Red Threads...

everybody poops

i like warm toilet seats as well, but not warm from the last person if you know what i mean...

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