Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh Australia - how I *think* I love you...

Day 11 of my 30 days of randomocity was yesterday...I know. I am a day behind.  I do however have a good excuse.  As all of you know (and one of you felt inclined to point out to me...fair enough since I pointed out Duke last time) KU lost at home against Texas.  They have a record of 69 straight wins at home though and that is something incredible! It had to happen eventually and I'm just glad it wasn't against someone like K-State :-) Plus, now maybe they won't lose to NORTHERN IOWA during March Madness because they are getting losses out during regular season :P haha. Anyway....

I really want to visit Australia.  I think the Australian accent is one of the cutest accents in the world and I haven't met an Australian that I don't like. (I am sure they exist...but to this day I haven't met him or her). For example - my friend Hamish from college is from Australia. I would go anywhere just to hang out with him again. I miss him. Flights to Australia are expensive though and I don't have enough vacation to make a decent trip over there.  Maybe I can do something like that in between jobs if I ever change jobs. Just take some time off. Anyway, here is a picture of my lovely friend Hamish stolen from Facebook:

Also, aside from amazing friends and the accents...Australia has kangaroos and koalas and is very pretty. Who wouldn't want to visit there?

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CBC said...

Through some work that I used to do, I went to AU for three weeks during the Olympics. Sydney was absolutely incredible, I could definitely live there. I also have an aunt and uncle that live in Sydney, so it was great to visit with them and get the local tour.

I don't know about hot guys, but there sure were a lot of good looking woman. I hope you get to visit some day, I know I'm going back.