Friday, January 14, 2011

Hi Mom and Dad...

I have been avoiding "Day 3" of my "30 Days straight of randomocity" as I'm not really sure what to write about "my parents". I don't even understand my parents to this day. All I know is that I love them and they have grown a pretty amazing young lady if I do say so myself ;) haha <---just messing...kind of.

If you would have asked me on the day of my high school graduation I would have said that my mom is my best friend - hands down. I would also say that I love my dad but we just never "clicked" in the way I have seen other father/daughter duos "click". I think I felt he was always fairly hard on me and he didn't seem to understand me very well.

Today - things have changed slightly. I love both of them, but they have gone through craziness since I have left the house and seem to have become completely different people. Sometime when I was at college - they moved away from southwest Kansas where we had lived in that same house for about 17 years I believe. They are now residents of a small town in the panhandle of Texas. They went through a major life crisis and came out of it stronger people and much closer in their relationship than I've ever seen them. I am happy for them.

In the meantime, I got caught in the middle of their crisis somehow and my relationship with my mom seemed to have lost it's closeness. I still feel close to her - but not like I used to when I was younger. She is more of my mom than my best friend now. I don't know if she feels the same way - but it isn't necessarily a bad thing. It is just different. My relationship with my dad isn't that changed - even though he is significantly changed and he seems more open to seeing me as a person these days. It is just too late now that I am all grown up and moved away.

All in all - I am lucky for the mother and father life gave to me. They raised someone who made goals for herself fairly young and has almost achieved those initial goals in her mid-20's. I feel very stable and very fortunate in my life. I can't imagine how much harder it would have been to get where I am today without their support and love and faith in my abilities.

Whew. I'm done with this one. Hopefully I can get into lighter - more fun topics from now on! Thanks for sticking with me :)


CBC said...

Thanks for sharing! I have four children, in the middle is my teenage daughter and sometimes I think we struggle in our relationship. Parenting is tough, you want to be a friend to your children so badly, but in the long run, you have to be a parent first! As long as she tells me she loves me at the end of each day, I feel like I'm doing alright.

Steph said...

This sounds surprisingly similar to my "growing up", too. Actually, amazingly similar. It's as strange to see your parents change and grow as much as it must be for them to see the same in us.