Sunday, January 9, 2011


I just want to apologize. I have been spending every single hour that I can on studying for the CPA exam that I took this afternoon. I'm not sure it helped...I don't feel like I passed but we shall see. Anyway, now that we have that one out of the way - I have to start studying for another one I take at the end of February. Lovely. *sigh*

Anyway, I just saw that my friend from college is in roller derby. I am kind of jealous. I want to get into shape and aspire to be in roller derby. It looks awfully bad ass...and I want to be bad ass.

That's all for now.


Ryan said...

bad ass is a state of mind - believe it

Shelby said...

:-) I will work on it Ryan. After being out of commission a year for knee surgery nothing I do seems bad ass. I'll start telling myself that is who I am every morning though and we will see where it gets me!

Ryan said...

Last time I checked, Duke had the last national championship - Let's Go Duke!!

Shelby said...

Oh...I know what I'm up against here. I mean - I lived through the unspeakable last year. However, I am not going to back down. Rock Chalk - one day it will be ours (March 2011?).