Monday, January 3, 2011

The Sound of Sunshine

So many of you saw my "list" of things I want for the new year.  One was a theme song to dance to at least weekly.  I have decided that I want to change it monthly.  This is mostly due to my music A.D.D. It seems like I can never stay in love with one song for longer than a month. I will still always like the song - but it isn't my "favorite" - you know what I mean...everyone over-listens to a song and it then becomes time to just move on.

For January 2011:  The Sound of Sunshine by Michael Franti.  I can't sit still when listening to this song. If I am in the office I do a slight head-bob so anyone who happens to walk by my office doesn't peg me as a freak.  If I am in my car I let it most of the way out - I don't know the folks driving by me so who cares if they think I'm a crazy person right?  If I'm at home - it's ON! I dance around crazy in all of the rooms and Jasper gets into it as well and starts going crazy.

How did I choose this song you might ask yourself. Well, it's been on my radar for a while now.  It came almost tied with another Michael Franti song - "Say Hey (I love you)". I dance around crazy to that song as well.  I first heard it on Weeds which I had been catching up on last year. Even when it came on the tv it made me dance around.  Then when I started listening to Michael Franti - it was obvious there were a few dancing songs in my future!

If you were to choose a dancing song for the month of January - what would YOUR song be?


Ryan said...

Green Day "Jesus of Suburbia" - it's a great song, and I tend to find myself screaming out loud listening to it.

As for NYC, it's always a great time up here.

Shelby said...

Nice! I'm listening to Jesus of Suburbia RIGHT NOW in your honor :) I can't scream out loud here in the office though...maybe I'll take a rain check :)