Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh what a day...@ least it IS Friday.

NOTE: Day 16 is supposed to be "A letter to someone who has hurt you lately."  I have been thinking about this for a long while and I don't have anyone who has hurt me in such a way that I could even think of what to write to them in a letter.  So I ask you all to forgive me...but I am taking a pass. :)

Day 17 - A youtube video. Totally doable and I know exactly which video I will be showing you all. (Speaking of you all - thank you to all of my new "followers" - it is great to see you all here!)

This is a video that my little sis made for one of her college classes. Which class? I have no idea...however, I believe she did an amazing job. I am so proud of her. She graduates this year from Texas Tech's graphic design program. If any of you have any amazing graphic design jobs - please let me know so I can pass them along to her :-)

Let me know what you think - and if you feel so moved by it - go and comment on her youtube wall!


Oilfield Trash said...

That is pretty cool.

ladydayton said...

That was neat! :)

Ryan said...

not even a person who cut you in line? you're too forgiving!

Les Champs Elysees said...

Cool video.. i wish i was a little more creative..
New to your blog and enjoying it.. lot of great ideas.