Saturday, January 22, 2011


Day 10: Bullet your whole day

I was supposed to bullet my day yesterday for the blog so here it goes. Don't go to sleep please!

  • Woke up with Jasper laying on the pillow next to me.
  • Drove an hour in really bad traffic to my client.
  • Lunch at Moe's.  (I had a homewrecker with no tortilla and of course the chips and queso)
  • Drove an hour in really bad traffic to my house.
  • Tried to do some yoga but the dvd player wouldn't work.
  • Did my dishes and straightened up the house (just not my bedroom).
  • Packed a bag with clothes for Saturday and got Jasper ready to go.
  • Drove to the boy's house for the evening.
  • Did yoga at the boy's house because his dvd player worked.
  • Ate amazingly delicious dinner that the boy made me for our "date" night.
  • Watched Big Love and Modern Family episodes from the previous week. If you don't watch Modern Family you had me giggling soooo much last night!
  • Blogged a song list instead of a bullet of my day. Figured I could do that Saturday.
  • Went to bed.
Yes. I know my life is boring. What makes your life better? ;) Anyway, I'm watching the KU vs. Texas game. 


Texas has never won at Allen Fieldhouse and KU is undefeated overall and both teams are undefeated in conference play.  This should be a good game.  I think we are about to head to the bar so we can watch the Washington game as well (my boy went to Washington for undergrad...UCLA for grad).

Enjoy college basketball today! Tonight's Michigan State vs Purdue should be a great game! I have a birthday dinner to go to at 5pm and then have to go to another birthday party after that but hopefully will have a tv available at both to watch the games!


CBC said...

Man I love the Homewrecker from Moe's. Lucky! That alone can make for a pretty exciting rest of the day.

bruce said...


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Ryan said...

Welcome to Moe's!

Oh, I'm sorry, did Rock Chalk Jayhawk go down at home to Texas?

Just wondering. Sorry, couldn't not say something.