Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I was sick...Days 7 and 8

Sorry about missing a day. I had an unshakable headache last night and could do absolutely nothing. Not even post a simple blog. So here I am tonight, ready to post 2 quick blogs in one (I all are so lucky) and then head to bed so I don't get a return headache.

Day 7: Bible Verse....

Haha. I'm going to say Psalm have to look it up though. If you don't have a bible just google it. It is priceless!

Day 8: Something you miss

I miss college. I miss it SO much.  If I knew what a real job was like...even with the perks of having a real paycheck...I'd stay in college and get further in debt and just go to class to learn and work at the coffee shop. I miss the coffee shop.  I miss my friends from college as well. I often wish I had taken a job in Des Moines so I could be closer to friends and could still visit the college area. Then I remember the horrific winters. I have really bad seasonal depression and I definitely DO NOT miss that.  That's the short version.  I won't bore you with all of the things I miss about college until maybe another post.


bruce said...

hope you feel better!

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Ryan said...

Hate headaches. I get migraines from time to time. Awful helpless feeling

CBC said...

The bible verse is interestingly disturbing, but OK! I miss college too, but not for the classes and my job as a coop.

Hope you feel better!

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Ryan said...

i am glad you can live your photographic life vicariously through me .. i like to think i have a good eye for photography

also, you like those bands i mentioned? kinda neat...i am about to put another playlist up