Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oops...I did it again.

Yes. The title of this blog is a Britney reference. So? :-P Get over KNOW you can't help but dance to this song when it comes on. I love when it comes on and I'm in the shower. I think I am at my best when I am naked and wet and singing Britney at the top of my lungs while pulling out the best dance moves you can possibly do without slipping in the shower!

ANYWAY, the title of this blog also refers to missing a day.  I am sorry dear "blog army"-reader-people.  I am hitting that time of year where accountants in the public arena like myself begin to shut ourselves off and go into robot - worker mode:

Sock puppet robot? hmm...interesting.

Anyway, I will do DAY 14 and DAY 15 in this ONE post. You know you like double the action when you can get it!

I feel very sad because I believe that one of the reasons this post was put off until today (work being the other reason) was that I had no idea who I was going to write about!  Sure I've been fascinated with people throughout my life. However, none have held my fascination very well. Do I have a sort of ADD when it comes to being fascinated with people?!? Ugh!

I guess if I had to choose one this ONE point in time. I'd have to go with Melina.  I met Melina when I was younger - junior high age - at camp.  She was my counselor.  I didn't realize at the time that she would become a mentor.  Melina has a way about her that allows me to open up and just talk about issues.  She has a way of not being judgmental and finding some way to relate even if she hasn't been through what you've been through.  I try to be non-judgmental.  I would love to be that person who just accepts things for what they are and loves a person anyway.  I actually feel I do a fairly good job at this. However, I still have so much to learn. Melina fascinates me because it never fails - I will be feeling down or having issues and then she'll appear miraculously on facebook with a great message for me that helps pull me back into reality.  People with calm spirits like hers always pull me in!

Well luckily I read what today's blog was before I started eating or else I would be screwed. Today I actually got to try a new Subway bread that has not yet been released - it contains Omega 3 and a full days worth of your needed calcium. It was yummy.  That is NOT what I have a picture of for you...nope. Tonight I made a turkey taco salad. It was delicious.

And apparently blogger takes it and flips it? I can't figure out how to flip it back. Sorry party peoples....


ZP said...

I'm not sure how I feel about Britney's new single...It's catchy. Over break, one of my friends found a leak of the song and played it over and over and over that day. That's probably where the disdain part comes from.

Turkey burgers are delicious.

CBC said...

I don't know about your turkey taco salad, it looks more like turkey taco nachos. Doesn't a salad have to actually have....well salad? Either way, it does look good.

paulsifer42 said...

Your robot rocks hard. I feel so sorry for you accountants...