Monday, January 17, 2011

Best place ever!

I'm going to go with Peru. I've traveled to a lot of different places, but this has been the ultimate trip for me.  I think that pictures speak more than any words can so here it goes.

Beach in Lima, Peru.

Hot springs in the mountains of Peru - doesn't look that great but felt very refreshing anyway heh.

Helping out some local small we were visiting a bee keepers who sold their honey.

We hiked a mountain up to a waterfall - I got altitude sickness after this.  Mate de coca is very helpful for altitude sickness. I snuck some back into the states in my suit case too ;) 
Got to see llamas on our way out to a small village in the Andes!!! I LOVE llamas.
A Peruvian delicacy.  Yes...I ate what I could...I couldn't eat a head though. I felt like such a bad guest, but my first "real" death in my life was my pet guinea pig Jitters...and this was a bit much.  Tastes like bland chicken.

I called these stoves "poop stoves". We went to a secluded village far into the mountains and helped teach them how to build the stoves and provided them the resources to build them.  The mud was literally mud and poo mixed together. Yuck - but very rewarding...they didn't ever build chimney's with their stoves so many of the women and children were getting sick from smoke inhalation in the home.

Machu Picchu! By far the most glorious thing I've ever seen in my life. I don't even know how to adequately describe how awesome it was.
Machu Picchu

And ....more Machu Picchu!

Best trip I've ever taken and I would LOVE to go back and live with a Peruvian family this time (I was staying with the group I went with so I wasn't immersed in the culture like I would have liked).


bruce said...


and you are right the local flavor would be wonderful to be immersed in!

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Ryan said...

those mouse or rats, skeeved out a little bit - as for Kansas, sorry for forgetting to mention them, they did look impressive (albeit Baylor hasn't played anyone good yet) - Kansas struggled to beat Nebraska (really??) and Iowa St. (really??)

But good for Rock Chalk - and good for you for stomaching those rats

Always Home and Uncool said...

That was one cool journey.