Sunday, January 23, 2011

Highs and Lows of 2010

  • January: Started off the new year with a kiss from my love. No better way, right?
  • February: Awesome 25th birthday! We went to teppanyaki and then headed over to a dive bar which just so happened to have karaoke and I had just had enough to drink to sing a few songs!  Then when rock & bowl started at 10pm we all went over to the bowling alley.  I had so much fun that I decided to do the same thing this year. I will be doing this same mash up February 5.  Look forward to a fun update ;-)  Oh - AND I got a Kindle from my love for this birthday which = amazing! I love my Kindle.
  • April: Had some time to myself...had to be off of work on short term disability for the whole month so I got a lot of me time to sit on the couch and think.
  • May: Went to an amazing young adult retreat in Colorado mountains.  LOVED IT. I could totally see myself ending up in Denver one day. (Yes...even though it snows!)
  • June: CAMP CAMP CAMP! Camp is always my high for the year. I love it and this year was my 2nd year directing the camp. It is a camp for 7th grade - graduated senior and they are a great bunch of kids. I love camp. 
  • September: Brad Paisley concert - almost front row...touched him. AH. I hope he does another tour this year after his new CD is released. I love B.P. and I love his concerts and he is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.  I also visited Nashville for the first time during the American Society of Women Accountants' national conference.  I got to attend the conference for free because my local chapter voted me to receive the free pass we had received. I also got my flight paid for by Henry & Horne (the company I work for) because it was for continuing education...Nashville absolutely rocked my socks off. I think my favorite things was going to the Bluebird Cafe and sitting in the pews while listening to local song amazing.
  • October: Went to the balloon fiesta and met up with the young adults, many of whom are my camp counselors during the summer.  I loved hanging out with all of them.  I hope this turns into a yearly reunion/retreat.
  • November: Participated in the Breast Cancer 3 day...I didn't make it all 60 miles...but made it over half of the way! Next time I do it, I am sure I will be all healed up from knee surgery and will make it the whole way :) 
  • December: Trip to Canada for work turned out awesome when I met up with a board gaming group and got to learn some new games.  Also had an amazing holiday season with my family and ended the year at a jr. high/sr. high overnighter on new year's even! So much fun.


  • March: Surgery. Had to completely replace my ACL (I no longer had one is what the doc was completely torn) and then he scoped the inside of my right knee's meniscus and repaired the outside.  I'm still going to physical therapy for it and it is a crazy long recovery process. Hopefully I'll be back up and playing sports soon though!  

Wow that was a great exercise. I obviously had a great 2010. I hope 2011 is even more awesome.  What was the number 1 favorite high from 2010 for you?


CBC said...

I think that a high for me was getting the pond and stream up and running in the back yard. I love the sound of moving water!

My low was similar to your low. I too had ACL reconstructive surgery and repair to the meniscus. My doctors approach was different and involved no braces or crutches. I walked out of hospital after the surgery (with the aid of a crutch) and after 16 weeks was cleared to start playing soccer again. It's been 3 months since that and I'm almost playing at 100%. I hope you can get back to it soon!

LittleSilkDress said...

On the bright side, Denver is great about snow removal! I'll take a Colorado winter over a Kansas winter any day.