Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh Jasper :-)

Day 22: Talk about the cuteness of your pet
I have come to figure out that there is one thing that is guaranteed each day. I will smile at least once.  That was not always the case.  Before I had Jasper, I'm sure there were days when the smile just wouldn't be seen on my face.  Jasper makes me smile - just because he is cute. No one - human or animal - has ever been able to do that for me until him!

I got Jasper a few weeks after my apartment was robbed at gunpoint.  Yes. I KNOW that a puggle about 8 weeks old was not going to protect me, but it still made me feel better to have something else that was living in my apartment.

Here is a video Sherwey took of Jasper on the first day we had him.  I wish we had taken more videos.  At least now I know that when I have a kid I have to be non-stop taking photos and video so I can look back on our early times! :-) (Take note Ryan - pictures and videos...nonstop when the little one gets here!)
Gosh, I love my little man.  This is a picture of him on the way home after I picked him up!

He does some of the strangest things that equate to him being EVEN cuter :) I have posted this before - but I'm going to post it again. Here is a video of a game he likes to play - I call it "Hungry Hungry Hippo":

He makes me a proud mama too because he is so smart! Here he is after graduating puppy training class.

So - to sum it all up. Jasper is my best friend and he takes good care of his mama. He never fails to make me feel loved when I wake up in the morning and when I come home from work. Even when I just have to study and he has to entertain himself.  :-) 

I told Jasp that I was writing about him in my blog - so he wanted to say "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY" to all of my blog friends, since he probably won't be getting on to say it later on in the month! 


ladydayton said...

He is SO cute! I just love dogs. He put a smile on my face tonight, too. :)

bruce said...

happy day! he is adorable!

i love how excited my buddy Tucker gets even if he is in another room sleeping and i wake him up! he is like oh wow! there you are!

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Purtle said...

Omg so adorable! I love him! I have this thing where every dog I meet, assuming they are not trying to bite me, I fall in love with. There is something about dogs that is just perfection. Then Nikita is just the ultimate perfection.

Bz said...

Jasper is soooo cute!! Just looking at him puts a smile on my face, and you get to spend so much time together!! awww swwweeeet!