Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm sorry :-(

I just wanted to make an announcement that I will be MIA from my blog for at least the rest of this week if not the whole month. Work/life balance as an auditor during "busy season" (which goes through April) is hard to come by and I miss each of you dearly.

With that said - please leave me comments about your life and anything "happy" to keep my spirits up as I sit in a dark/damp audit room while the amazing weather of Arizona passes me by outside.

Side note: Yes - I am sad about KU losing to K-State last night...but the last time that happened, we won the championship. Just saying ;) Rock Chalk!

Ok. I'm out. :-(


Ryan said...

Booooo! Will you at least be reading still? Tax season is crazy. Hope you're well

thormoo said...

Boooo! Is right...that really blows and I'll miss your posts plus insightful and clever comments on my posts. I'm sorriest that you'll be cooped up inside as the fore mentioned awesome AZ weather slides by. Be real and be WELL 8^)!!

The Restaurant Manager said...

Now that I'm following your blog I hope you will post soon! Have fun with the audits!

Bz said...

No worries, I'll be waiting for you! You'll be done with the audits in no time :) Wish you good luck and lots of fun :)