Thursday, February 10, 2011

I know I'm just making a big deal out of it...

But in a short half hour or so (give or take), I will officially be in my "late 20's" and I don't know how I feel about that.  I feel I'm starting to lose that spark.  I felt so in tune during my teenage years.  Then I hit 20's and started making decisions that were not so much in line with who i THOUGHT I was.  I walked different "lines" and while they didn't make me happy all of the time - they sure didn't make me too crazy I suppose.

In my early 20's, I changed a lot. Into a person I hardly knew. I tested my beliefs.  I tested my relationships.  I tested my status (in a way). I 'grew up' more in those five years than I did the whole first two decades of my life!  Who I grew up to be was no where near the person I had planned to be.  Did that happen to others?

What does the "late" 20's have in store for me?

I think all in all - I turned out to be a fairly decent person :-) I thank my family and friends and all of my "blog friends" for being here for me. You all make me who I am today.  I may not be the most interesting person - but I do feel loved and incomprehensibly blessed by all that I have in my life! I could not ask for more.

Today I was supposed to write about how I think others view me. (Day 26: How do you think others view you?)   Well, I don't know if that is at ALL possible to write about.  Better just stick with what I know. How I HOPE others view me.

  • I hope others view me as:
    • Caring
    • Loving
    • Open
    • Selfless
    • Smart
I hope others see that I try. I try to live and do as much as I can for everyone around me - it sometimes doesn't work out - but I try.  

I hope others feel that I am here for them.  It doesn't matter what time day or not - I will work it out so I can listen to them.  I hope they realize I don't have all of the answers (in fact I hardly have any answers), but I wish will all of my body and soul that I did so I could help them.

I suppose that's it. I know there is a lot more I hope people see in me, but I'll just leave it at this.  It is now OFFICIALLY my birthday in Arizona. Goodnight good friends.

OH YES - and I had to share this with you all. Rock Chalk!


thormoo said...

Well as a person who will turn 50 next year, I'm not sure I should even comment on your comment about moving into your late 20's, lol.

From my perspective, most of that kind of temporary testing/experimentation, as it were: status, beliefs, relationships, etc is just another part of growing as a person. Notice I didn't say growing up, after you hit your late 20's we don't use that term anymore, you are grown up! I am kidding of course but I think you will find that int will not be the last time you become a person you "hardly knew". That's just life...again my opinion.

I think the simple fact that you are questioning these things is a good sign that you are on a positive track.

As far as how others view you. I'm about as objective as you can get since I really don't know you and we have never met (except through the blogesphere). You have made several very helpful,supportive and caring comments on some pretty heavy posts of mine on my blog. My opinion is that you certainly are the "caring and loving person" you are striving to be. Reaching out to others, with absolutely nothing to gain for yourself is in itself a very honorable and admirable act of selflessness...and one I really appreciated!

Keep your eyes up and moving forward...I suspect many good things are awaiting you in the future, Shelby.

Have a very Happy Birthday! T

Ryan said...

happy day in AZ! age is simply a number, but it's true, you do find out more and more about yourself as the days go by and maturity takes its toll - easy for me to say, im 29 and a guy, so maturity is still in question

you're open, seem loving (though we've never met), smart, selfless, and definitely not afraid to share your mind...

mature beyond your years, but as a woman, i guess that is natural

bruce said...

firstly Happy birthday!

secondly tucker says you can share his birthday chewy!

thridly the thormoo and the ryan both said it very well..

bdays are just markng time. some of the people i know are more childish in now than when they were kids...and i mean...childish in a good way

you seem to be all of those things you give youreself a pat on the back!

enjoy your day! have a shot of something tasty for me!

ladydayton said...

Happy Birthday sunshine!!! Hope your day has been awesome! As someone who is 31 and still gets asked on a regular basis what grade I'm in I can say with all honesty growing older is actually fun. I still feel like a 20 something year old instead of a 30 something year old. Each year gets better and shorter! lol. Enjoy hun!

Bz said...

Happy birthday! Hope you had a great day!! It seems I can relate to your post, very close to something I would've written! Good Luck with life!

Underground Dude said...

Happy Birthday! I am conflicted that youosted a video of the rock chalk, however, as I am a K-State alum. I am and alwaysbwill be a wild cats fan... I sense abrivalry lol.

Ryan said...

POST POST POST POST - come on Shelb, where the heck have you been???

Organic Meatbag said...

awwww it's not so bad...I am in my late 30's...that when the shit starts to ramp up on you...hahaha