Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 25: Ten things you want to do before you die

So obviously I have been MIA for a few days.  Work is finally starting to get to me and I have no "me" time to speak of. Thank you all for bearing with me and no one for bringing it up.  Either you were being very understanding - or you could care less and didn't even realize I was gone. ;-)

I am a few days behind on my "30 straight days of randomocity" so obviously - I'm not doing too good on the "straight days" part of things.  Who wants to be straight anyway ;) 
Oh no - not I. I don't want to be straight if straight means I don't get this...

ANYWAY - now that you all are freaked out. 

We all have bucket lists. I haven't much thought of things I absolutely-must-do-or-my-life-wasn't-worth-it list, but there are obvious things that I want to do and see and have and be. Narrow it down to TEN? Hmmm - I will try.  Just read the disclaimer first though: This list is not all inclusive and is in no way in any sort of order by importance. I want to do them all PLUS much more.

Here we go.

  1. Sky dive
  2. Pay for someone else's college education - just because.
  3. Pay off ALL debt and live completely debt free from then on.
  4. Swim with dolphins (they are cute little fellas!)
  5. Pass the CPA exam
  6. Go to Cedar Point and ride all of the roller coasters
  7. See a Broadway show
  8. Visit Australia and New Zealand
  9. Drink beer at the REAL Oktoberfest
  10. Visit all of the seven NEW wonders of the world
Ok - that seems to be a decent list :) Have you all heard of I kinda like the site.

Anyway - goodnight. I'll catch up more tomorrow hopefully.


thormoo said...

Whoa, that is indeed an impressive Bucket List. Oddly I've never thought about doing one...perhaps it is time.AHA, I think you have given me a possible idea for a future post on S.S.S....

Ryan said...

sky diving is #1 on mine - looks awesome. Dolphin swimming is awesome - did it on a stop at Atlantis one year. Broadway is calling. Shows are expensive, I guess, depending on what show you want to see.

Good list though, i will have to put one together now - you inspire

CBC said...

Pretty ambitious, but you've got plenty of time. Sky diving will never be on my list unless I'm on a plane that is going down.

I've got a son and wife in college, take your choice. And while you're paying off your debt, I'll squeeze a little of my own in.

Dolphins are cool, but I got enough Flipper when I was a kid. Good luck with the CPA and I love roller coasters too!

Any particular Broadway Show? Australia is awesome and I would like to go hike in New Zealand. Germanys great too, but I don't drink, so enjoy and I'm not sure what all seven wonders are.

Awesome list, we all need a good list!

kj said...

Let me know when you're off to Cedar Point. I'll so go with you!!!

Shelby said...

@thormoo - I look forward to reading yours! Maybe we can do a few "bucket list items" together!

@Ryan - YOU inspire it's a great blog/friend match.

@CBC - I REALLY wanted to see Rent but that left Broadway. Luckily I got to see it when they were doing their final tour and it had a couple of the original cast! AMAZING. I'll try to figure out which of your fam gets the "free tuition" haha. AFTER I pay off my $30k+ of loans (which should be before I turn 30 by the way!)

@Katie - I CAN'T WAIT. It will be a blast!