Thursday, April 28, 2011


So I have some time right now while waiting for a few things to come in here at work. I suppose I can post a little something something for you all :)

It seems lately that a lot of my friends have been getting "news" from doctors - which isn't necessarily good news. One of my friends found out she has a rare form of cancer.  Another found out he has moved from Stage 3 chronic kidney failure to Stage 4 (out of 5 stages).  There are many other instances I could list.  Another blog friend is in for surgery this morning.  I'm thinking of them all and hoping for the best in each case.

I too found out some interesting news this past Tuesday.  I went in to the knee doc with my MRI results to try to figure out why, a year out from surgery, I am still in so much pain.  He had some findings. I have some bone shards in my knee around my knee cap (probably where the knee cap has been moving around - which has been the cause of a lot of pain).  Additionally, he couldn't tell for sure on the scans, but he thinks I do have some meniscus tears that need to be scoped. He said it is hard to tell on the side where he did the meniscus tear, because on the scans it could just be the repair he is seeing - but on the inside he says there is definitely some fraying. So that means going back into surgery to remove the shards and to see if he needs to scope out some more meniscus.  Additionally, the surgery won't fix my pain altogether.  He says I have developed arthritis under my knee cap and a little around the inside of my knee where the meniscus was scoped. I knew from previous chats with the doc that arthritis was almost inevitable later on down the road. I didn't realize that I would have it this fast! I knew that turning 26 was a bad idea! *cough*old lady*cough*  Oh well. I will have the surgery which will be far less traumatic than the first (only 3-5 days on crutches and only 6-8 weeks in physical therapy).  I also need to get my butt in shape! I need to strengthen the muscles in my legs as much as possible to help with the arthritis.  I went and worked out yesterday for the first time in forever at the gym and it felt GOOD! I'm glad I did it. I think I will make more of an effort for my knee's sake.

Anyway, that's my update. I hope that only good news comes next for all of my friends and myself! Let's get through the bad first half of the year - to an amazing second half!

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