Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 06 - A picture of your recent vacation, with your family

I just realized I didn't get any pictures of my family the last time we were all together which was Christmas 2010.  However, I got a lot of great shots over Thanksgiving 2010!

Thanksgiving for the past few years has been in the panhandle of Texas.  I must say - I hate the panhandle.  I have some memories from there. I didn't grow up there - I grew up in southwest Kansas (only a slight step up from the panhandle of Texas).  I did however, spend the summer after I graduated high school down in Texas.  I enjoyed it but it just isn't for me. Anyway, Thanksgiving was nice however.  The boyfriend and pup and myself made a car trip out of it.  We stopped semi-half way in Albuquerque at a dog park and let little Jasp run around. He played with the most adorable bull dog.  She was only 6 months old. I have NEVER seen a bulldog run like this little girl. Too cute.

Anyway, on to the picture:

Yes - we know the background sucks...haha. There weren't a lot of options at Aunt T's house!

I love my family.  I often times wish I lived closer to them all.  I literally have missed A growing up (she's the youngest one).  I graduated college when M graduated 8th grade and A graduated kindergarten.  She's so big now. She's going to do so well for herself though. She's gorgeous and has a great head on her shoulder and seems very bright and witty!  M is going to do amazing things as well. She graduates from Texas Tech in a month with a degree in graphic design! I can't wait to see what she can make of it. She is so incredibly talented.

Oh and one more picture.  This is of the whole clan for Thanksgiving. Yes - we are a very....interesting...bunch.

I'm going to answer before YOU even ask. Yes that dude's stache is real...that's my Uncle Billy Don. I remember being so scared of him when I was little. Still am a little 'intrigued' by his ways - I love him though.

Anyway, that's all for tonight. Need to get some sleep.

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Oilfield Trash said...

You have a big family.