Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Holiday

Have you ever seen this movie? It is ridiculous and super duper chick flicky and I LOVE IT!

Things learned from The Holiday:

  • I want little children who have British accents. It's adorable!
  • House Exchange -- it seems to be an incredibly cool thing to look into in the future (maybe a bit on the crazy/scary side but still cool)
  • If in London and a drunk guy comes knocking on your door in the middle of the night -- let him in and have your way with him! Do it!! It can only lead to long lasting love -- seriously. (To prove my point: 
  • Befriend the old guy next door -- he could be famous and incredibly interesting.
  • I need to try to be the "leading lady" in my own life (here's the cheesy, chick-flicky-ness of the movie coming through).
Anyway, sorry I haven't been around the blog world much.  I am in the middle of taking classes for and preparing to take a section of the CPA exam PLUS I'm ultra-mega busy at work. *boo* 

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