Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today I am thankful....

That I have a job. I was a grouchy grouch this morning waking up earlier than usual because I had to travel clear across the valley to the west side to work on a client. I love this particular client -- however, the drive is sucky in the mornings with all of those other cars that like to cut my little beetle off and just everything was getting to me. But then I realized I was SO SO thankful that I had a job that I feel is secure and it pays my bills and gives me more than enough food and I am still able to be generous to others on top of all of that and it made me realize that the drive really isn't that bad. Plus I get to have that extra time to myself which can't be that bad. I am a decent person.

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thormoo T. Davis said...

I like the "daily Thanksgiving" posts. For the last several years I have kept a running "gratitude list" where i update daily the things I'm grateful for. I have found that doings so really has affected my attitude.

So good to see you posting again...we miss you out here!