Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I thought today was's not. It's Wednesday...

I have been telling people lately that work is taking over my life. I suppose that is only partly true.  I look back over even the past week and I have had many happenings/done many things.

Last Thursday I went with the boy and we watched the Diamondbacks slaughter the Cubs which was pretty fun because Phoenix is FULL of Cubs fans (I know - like everyone from Chicago moves here...crazy).

Last Friday, I took a client to the Cubs vs. Dbacks game - the Cubs took That was no fun because Cubs fans are loud - and there were WAY more of them out for the game on Friday than there were on Thursday.

Saturday I did a nice 5 mile work out (on the elliptical of course because of the knee) and then went to a wine tasting with the American Society of Women Accountant's group I am involved in.  I ended up buying 2 out of the 6 wines we tried. PARTY! I can't wait to crack those open.  Saturday night I went to a silent auction/fundraising dinner for one of my ex-coworker's children.  It was a nice evening - great food. Didn't win the raffle and didn't win my bids in the silent auction but that is quite alright - money going towards something good.

Sunday morning I slept in - watched the last episode of The Office with Steve Carell finally (shed a few tears) and then it was off to a wedding.  The wedding was like an hour drive away (boo - all the way on the west side of the valley).  The venue was gorgeous however.  It was the backyard of this house over there.  They had a lazy river running through their backyard with a waterfall and some little coves to do "private" stuff in I suppose ;) ;)  The back part of the yard even had a trampoline (level with the ground - they dug a hole and the tramp was placed in there). I didn't go on that because I can't get the image of a broken leg out of my mind.  My friend Sam's little girl just broke her leg in 2 places just JUMPING on a trampoline! Ew.  The wedding was ok. They didn't have alcohol at all - and I think that gives weddings a thumbs down...but I managed.

Monday I went to work and then spent the evening doing errands - Jasper finally got a bath - I cooked a couple meals for lunches for the week and worked out a bit before my massage with my 2nd boyfriend over at the massage place. He's like my therapist/massager-guy all in one.  I get my monthly "chat" in with him which is always nice because we don't KNOW each other except from that little massage room so I can share whatever I feel with him.  All for the price of my massage! Woo.

Last night I did work until like 6:30 and then had the hour drive home (my client is pretty far out these 2 weeks).  On the drive home, my friend said he didn't want to cook and so we decided to go out for chinese food which was delicious - however, that put me home at about 9pm so poor Jasper didn't get a walk or time at the dog park or anything :( We just chilled at home until I crashed.

Tonight I'm going to see the Diamondbacks vs. Rockies with a friend whose boss gave him some "really good tickets" so that should be fun.  I am hoping the boyfriend can take Jasper to the park after work but if not I'll take him on a good long walk tonight after the game.

Anyway, I am at work so I should probably get to work (oops).  Hope you all have a great day!


Oilfield Trash said...

I love watching the Cubs lose. It does not matter who beats them as long as the Cubs go down.

thormoo said...

Now that my friend, is the way to be out there living life, I just love that. I never get these people who sit around saying there isn't anything to do...make something to do!

I'm of the mind set that any day is a good day for baseball. I attended a couple D-Back games the last time I was in the Phoenix area, it's a nice park and the weather, well I love the weather in AZ, hot or not.

It sounds like you had an active weekend and it was good to have you commenting on the blog posts again and here on FFU.

Ryan said...

do ya thing shelb - you got a lot going on and stay busy, but you always need to find time for you.

i try, but the baby takes up a lot of time and energy, which is awesome. he's so cool but i feel bad because lindsay is home all the time (feeding, changing diapers) but i try my best when i am home.

and we haven't stopped living - we go out with him (around his sleep times of course) but live that life, it only comes around once!