Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Every time I read this I get I thought I'd share :)

Never Say it is not God - Hafiz

I taste what you taste. I know the kind of lyrics
your Soul most likes. I know which sounds will become
Resplendent in your mind and bring such pleasure
Your feet will jump and whirl.

When anything touches or enters your body
Never say it is not God, for He is
Just trying to get close.

I have no use for divine patience -- my lips are always
Burning and everywhere. I am running from every corner
Of this world and sky wanting to kiss you;

I am every particle of dust and wheat -- you and I
Are ground from His Own Body. I am rioting at youdoor;
I am spinning in midair like golden falling leaves
Trying to win your glance.

I am sweetly rolling against your walls and your shores
All night, even though you are asleep. I am singing from
The mouths of animals and birds honoring our
Beloved's promise and need: to let
you know the Truth.

My dear, when anything touches or enters your body
Never say it is not God, for He and I are
Just trying to get close to you.

God and I are rushing
From every corner of existence, needing to say,
"We are yours."


Ryan said...

Keep god in your life. I appreciate your openness about your faith. Happy new year

mskanorado said...

I found your blog through littlesilkdress! I love this poem...well, I do now that you have led me to it!! Have a fabulous new year!

Mirium10 said...

It is a song? Can you send me the music please? Thanks you very much :)