Thursday, October 28, 2010

100 things that make me happy:

1. Really good hugs. 
2. Meeting people who I click with. 
3. Family. 
4. Romantic movies. 
5. Music. 
6. Naps in the spring with a nice breeze coming in the window. 
7. Hearing a very young kid say something adorable but wrong. 
8. Holding hands with someone you really like. 
9. Smiling about something in your head that no one else hears. 
10. Unexpected emails from old friends.
11. Sending “surprise” cards to someone.
12. Getting to the destination after driving FOREVER.
13. The view from on top of a mountain.
14. Being at Camp Ziyoca with people you will never forget.
15. People telling you that you can reach your goals without knowing you were doubting yourself.
16. Seeing the stars and realizing how small you really are.
17. Head massages.
18. Back massages.
19. Fuzzy socks.
20. Hot chocolate and smores.
21. Being held by someone you like.
22. Volleyball – playing and watching!
‎23. Good quotes.
24. Laughing like a crazy person until I can’t breathe and I am crying.
25. Reading a good horoscope.
26. Actually getting an intelligent fortune when I crack open my fortune cookie.
27. Winning something on E-Bay for CHEAP!
28. The scene in “Liar, Liar” where he can’t lie about the color of the pen.
29. Playing Imaginiff.
30. The movie Rent.
31. Guys who have enjoyable rear ends.
32. Singing campfire songs.
33. Shrek and Shrek 2
34. The way cartoons from when you were younger make you feel when you see them.
‎35. Holding an extremely small baby.
36. Finding shapes in clouds.
37. The different colors in a sunset.
38. The sunrise over the mountains in Phoenix.
39. A really good grilled cheese with honey-buttered bread.
40. Sleeping in as long as I want to.
41. Sitting at a coffee shop and knowing the other patrons.
42. When little kids come up to you and smile even if they don’t know you.
43. Blueberry muffins with the crumbles on top.
44. Being with another “adult” and watching a “kid” movie.
45. Laying on your back beside a good friend and just talking.
46. Getting to know someone it seems you could have known for years.
47. Macaroni and Cheese – it’s just so simplistic yet splendid
48. A random text from that one person you had hoped to hear from.
49. Making someone else smile by sending them a card in the mail.
50. That shy/good feeling you get after making eye contact for a couple seconds with someone.

That's all for now...I need 50 more...I will complete this...promise.


51. Hanging out with Jasper and being lazy
52. When Sherwey thinks I'm sleeping and kisses my forhead
53. Hanging out with the band after the concert because they are "good friends"
54. Catching a glimpse of a child in awe of the world
55. Random facebook messages from long lost friends
56. Driving in my VW Beetle and seeing young kids "Slug Bug" each other
57. Seeing Jasper's excitement when I mention the work "Park"
58. Taking Jasper to daycare and realizing it is his favorite place EVER
59. When Sherwey calls me a nerd with his cute little smirk 
60. Watching Modern Family

UPDATE (11.18.10):

61. Dancing crazy while driving down the street.
62. Brad Paisley in concert :-)
63. Finishing the last page of a good book.
64. Noticing a positive change in a friend's life.
65. Watching silly youtube videos

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