Friday, April 5, 2013

Daily Dose of: People actually think like that?

So today I was very excited about the recent decision by a federal judge in NY to make Plan B (emergency contraception) available to women of all ages without prescription (click picture for news story).

I was reading the comments on an's facebook post asking whether people supported or opposed the ruling.  One comment stuck out to me:

"F***ING OBAMA" and of course the rest of the comments this one discussed Obama by the same person stating that Obama was a "communist nazi" and that this ruling was just another example of Obama's "regime turning women's vaginas into sperm concentration camps". I was like "huh??". 

I of course couldn't fight the urge - I had to say something, so I came back with how I felt it was liberating women to take control and make our own decisions related to reproduction and sexual rights. Of course there were many other people commenting regarding the "communist nazi" comment (I mean - really?) and finally the guy comes back with this brilliant comment:

" Look at all these sheeple brainwashed by the liberal media. First Obama took our guns, now he's using his puppets in the NY federal courts to take away man's God given right to procreate. Every sperm is sacred, even the ones that enter a woman's vagina from a broken condom or the idiocy of losing a drunken game of 'Just The Tip.' Throw all the hate you want, haters. Someone needs to speak out against Democrats forcing our toddlers to swallow abortion pills by the handful. I will say 'Neigh' to the Deceiver in Chief trying to control my body while the rest of you bow down to the Third Reich of Obamacare."

It peaked my curiosity - how does a woman not wanting to get pregnant take away control to this guy's body? I am pretty sure that it would be my own body I was controlling by taking or not taking the Plan B pill.  I simply wanted an explanation so I could maybe understand his point.

Wait for it....

Here you go:

"Try to justify the medication that sets up fetus death panels in your vagina all you want Shelby. When I give my sacred gift of life to a woman after thirty seconds of holy spirit sensation, her body becomes my property. When she tries to violate the sacred order of life by swallowing poison to remove God's gift from her uterus. she is also violating my body. Woman was created from Adam's rib and it's about time they learn their place in the world. That starts by preventing Obama from breaking down the pillars of society by forcing women to use this form of embryo genocide."

Yea - I decided to leave it at that. I truly and sincerely hope not too many women have to endure this guy's "30 seconds of holy spirit sensation" and become his property.

So today I wonder - "Do people really think like this?  Maybe this guy is just a facebook troll?" I think I just have to move on with my life and stop reading comments on news stories. 


Hockey Cardboard said...

that's a good thing, i think. right?

vivici said...
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