Sunday, August 1, 2010

Organize my life please?

I'm a fairly busy person. I don't know how I manager to remember to do anything - I am a LITTLE organized but not nearly enough for all of the things I do. Ideally I would have a folder with information from each portion of my life.

I bought a house in January 2010. I don't believe I officially moved in until March 2010 due to "busy season". I barely got settled in when I had knee surgery. I had completely torn my ACL and had partial tears in both my medial and lateral meniscus. The doctor put in a new ACL and was able to repair my lateral meniscus - however, my medial meniscus was beyond repair so he just shaved what he could and that's that. I was off work for a whole month as I was unable to put weight on my right leg - the physical therapy has been two times a week since then! That takes up a lot of my time.

I have officially started studying to retake the CPA exam again after my last review. I was thinking I didn't really want to but in discussion with my manager and partner I decided it may be worth it for now. I don't believe I will take it again if I don't pass this time though and that has caused me to be more serious in my studying. My favorite coffee shop: Bunna Coffee has recently extended it's hours during the week - which works out for my studies as well :-)

Work has recently really started to push us marketing the firm outside of work. I feel that I'll do okay with this task since I usually go to happy hours and my other groups - plus fundraising gets me points as well and I do a lot of that with the Breast Cancer 3 Day!

I also have recently committed to a year or once a week meetings with a homeless family, where me and a group of others who each have a position to fill at the table mentor the family in what decisions they should be considering to help get them out of their current situation. Check out the program - I feel it could be life changing for not only myself but for many families involved in the table.

Church has started becoming important in my life again as well. The young adults group - Kairos - at Grace Community Church has proven to be a good stepping stone in my life. I have made some decent friends there and have learned and gotten motivated to start reading the bible again. I joined a bible study with some people in the group and we are currently studying the book of James. I hope to continue being diligent in my studies and at the very least commit to attending a bible study small group. There is a Financial Peace University starting at the end of August on Wednesday nights that I want to attend as well. I think it would be smart to get real with myself about becoming debt free as soon as possible so I can start saving towards my future, towards schooling for either Aubrey or maybe my own child, and toward missions trips - which I have felt pulled to start doing one day in the future when it is possible to take off of work for such things. I also want to be debt free so more of my money can go toward giving freely to the organizations I truly believe in. (one example being Outreach International). I want to also start becoming more aware myself and bringing more awareness to others about poverty around the world. Outreach International has some great ideas - such as a bean and rice meal (which I fully intend to try to hold one of these within the next year).

Also, due to my reading the Grace Community Church newsletter - I have gained an interest in the International Student's Inc. program. They have something called "Friendship Partners". Friendship Partners are individuals (or families) who build friendships with international students from surrounding colleges by going to monthly events with them. I am going to a training session Aug. 15 and will hopefully get involved in this. I think it is a great opportunity for me to meet someone new who has different perspectives and get to know about their culture as well as show them ours. I am excited to see what this program has to offer me.

Other than that - life is life. I have been loving watching my baby Jasper grow up! I honestly have no idea how I could love any other dog as much as I love him - so unfair to other dogs...he has such a personality and is his own dog. He is just so loving and playful and definitely the cutest dog around! He also keeps me from being a homebody - I have to take him to the park which is good for me.

Sherwey and I have been dating for about 2.5 years now. I can't figure out why he has put up with me for so long...I have issues ha. He takes good care of me and Jasper though and life would be way hard without his help! I love him lots and appreciate the time I've gotten to be with him and his patience with me and all of my little random quirks.

Anyway - the whole point of this blog post is - yes I am involved in a lot right now...but I also am very blessed and things have gone very well over the past few years since I've moved out here to Arizona. Organization? Eh - maybe one day it will come...I wish I had a clone to do the mundane organization....and the everyday life things (like getting my work completed....doing the dishes...making the for clothes that aren't worn out....etc) - but things always seem to work out and that's all I can ask for. God is good.