Thursday, September 2, 2010

I've hit that age...

Twenty five seems to be the magical age...all of my friends are now getting engaged and married. It seems there isn't a week that goes by where I don't get a text from a friend saying their engaged or a Facebook news feed that states so-and-so and so-and-so have changed their relationship status to engaged.

I don't mind it - I think what truly bothers me is that I don't understand it. I have been dating the same amazing boy since November 2007 and here we are at the almost 3 year mark and I still am unsure about how to go about taking that final leap of faith and committing to one person for the rest of my life. It's definitely not an issue of me loving him or believing that we wouldn't have an amazing life together. I truly believe we work well together. I also know we have seen each others strange little quirks and still seem to enjoy each other. He has taken care of me through sickness and kept me out of trouble numerous times. Hardly a day goes by where we don't see each other and if we won't be seeing each other we still seem to have something to say to the other so chat is utilized. We even practically have a child together...yes, Jasper is a puppy...however, if you saw the joint effort it takes to raise him you'd know what I'm talking about! If I need to study or have an evening meeting, Jasper's "daddy" picks him up and takes him home for the night. Jasper has toys at both my house and his daddy's house as well as food and water bowls as well as treats. He practically lives the life of a child who travels between parent's houses to spend time (joint custody). Back to the point - I don't understand.

Thinking back on the two most recent engagements announced to me: both are friends from church out here. One became a close friend right before he started dating the girl in October/November time frame last year (2009). The other is a young lady who became an instant friend from the young adult group. She and her beau started dating sometime earlier this year I believe. I totally believe both of these couples can make it together and are perfect for each other - however, I can't comprehend knowing someone for such a short amount of time in the intimate way you get to know your significant other - and then being at the point where you are ready to say " are the one I can be with the rest of my life."

I can say that now - after almost 3 years of spending time with the man in my life - I would probably say yes if he asked me or if we had "the talk" about going through with it. After 6 months...I wasn't there...after 1.5 years - nope....even after 2.5 - eh, maybe. Anyway, this isn't really going anywhere. I do want to wish my friends who are recently engaged much happiness and peace in their new joint lives and I'm not saying I don't think they will be happy after knowing each other for such a short time - I just wanted to spout out my little thoughts. :-) And that is all for now.